Ken is a veteran game industry art director and illustrator with over 25 years experience leading art teams, with proficiency in both creating original IP and servicing top brands across a variety of genres and styles. Ken is a highly technical and multi-talented "full stack" art director with extensive expertise in every stage of game art development from protostype through launch and live ops - style guides, concept/ modeling/ animation/ rigging, team-building + mentoring, pipelines + tool-s, outsourcing, UI/ UX, branding, marketing art, &c.


Since 1994 Ken has shipped over three dozen titles on mobile, console, handheld, and web. He is noted for his grace under fire, eye for detail, sense of style, actionable direction, and development savvy.


Shipped award-winning games on most platforms –console, PC, handhelf, web, mobile.

Microsoft, EA, Sega, Disney, THQ, LucasArts, Eidos, Accolade, Kabam, 21st Century Fox.

Long history servicing top IP and franchises – Titanic, X-Files, Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Star Wars, The Godfather, Hunger Games, Conan, The Sims, Disney's Tangled, Beyoncé.

Flexible stylistic range – realistic, casual, edutainment, 'core/ midcore, stylized, fantasy/ scifi/ horror.

Wide genre experience – narrative, strategy, RTS, FPS, action, racing, sports, education.